Xt3 or 6Dii

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I have the XT2 and 6D Mark II

XT2 pros over Canon:

  • Better dynamic range
  • More attractive color profiles
  • Better overall JPEGs
  • Electronic Shutter
  • EVF
  • Not important, but one of the most beautiful bodies on the market
  • Some Fuji lenses like the 35 f2 are as good as L glass
  • Faster more accurate focusing
  • Size and Weight

Canon pros over Fuji

  • Better menu system
  • Superb Touch implementation
  • Flip out screen
  • Better WiFi implementation
  • Colors are not as “pretty” as Fuji, but tend to me more accurate yet still very attractive 
  • Better skin tones
  • FF DOF.  It just can’t be beat no matter what lens you put on Fuji.
  • High ISO
  • Overall Ergonomics.  I love the Fuji’s controls, but subjectively speaking the Canon just feels better in the hand and button placement is much more logical to blindly operate it.
  • Video.  It’s not 4K like Fuji, but it is much better overall for family and vlogging due to stabilization and the flip screen.  Canon just does better here.
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