Would Lumix FF 4:3 aspect do better?

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Re: More like a particular diagonal

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Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

The biggest problem is the inherent ugliness of the 4:3 sensor for most general photography. TVs aren't running aspects of 1.72 (16:9) by coincidence, you know. The 4:3 aspect ratio is a throwback to the days when TVs used round CRTs to show an image, and programming was geared around a "two head dialogue".

Neither of theses things are true any more. Let 1930 go, it's a bit past its bed time.

I agree. The general public is accustomed to wider ratios these days, making 4:3 look odd. I wonder if m4/3 would have been more widely accepted if Panny and Oly had chosen a 3:2 ratio rather than the 4:3. It certainly would have been a better choice for Panny since they emphasize video.

The 4:3 ratio was chosen as a short-sighted solution to a short-term problem, which was the need for "telecentric" lenses back before microlenses on sensors solved those "bad corner" issues for digital sensors (based on the steeper angles at which light reached the far corners of the sensor).

Not really. Given the same diagonal, the 3:2 aspect would have given Oly about an extra 1mm of "back focus" (distance from the rear element to the sensor) making telecentric lens design a little bit easier.

As far as I've been able to dig up, the main reason for the 4:3 aspect ratio was the Japanese love of "double meanings". They have entire poems that transform in meaning because most of the words are artfully chosen to have a second meaning.

So, the 4/3 inch sensor and the 4:3 aspect. Oly even had a paper and interview about the beauty of this aspect ratio, which I thought was complete bunk.

I miss the Panasonic cameras that had a slightly oversize sensor that could cover 22mm diagonal in 4:3, 3:2, and 16:9. That was a thing of beauty.

Now they're stuck with it, but that doesn't mean they need repeat the mistake when designing a whole new format today.

Nah, I and others have pointed out, for mirrorless, you have the room to play with multiple aspect ratios. I don't think any current lenses are totally "gated" or "choked" to 4:3 by either their current lens hoods or internal baffles.

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