Those that moved from D750 to D850

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Re: Those that moved from D750 to D850

dspoel wrote:

RoyAmatore wrote:

I know you excluded the extra megapixels from the question, but those extra pixels and the lack of the AA filter has resulted in noticeably sharper bird photos, where sharpness means a lot, than I was getting with the D750. It's made my 200-500 a noticeably sharper lens.

Would you care to comment on exactly shooting birds with the D850 versus D750? I shoot the D750 with 300PF+1.4x but not so happy with the results. Wonder whether I should upgrade the lens or the camera...

Will be hiking in the mountains so the 200/500 is out of the question because of weight though.

Sorry I missed your question.  I know that Steve Perry thought the 300 PF + 1/4 combo was a tad sharper than the 200-500.  I have no experience with the 300 PF, but I do see more detail in the 200-500 with the D850 over the D750.  Both cameras give acceptable results in my opinion.  I have not noticed an increase in AF ability, although many say there is one.  I probably just haven't noticed it yet.

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