New A7iii/riii firmware is out...

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Re: New A7iii/riii firmware is out...

StillandMovingImages wrote:

bayindirh wrote:

StillandMovingImages wrote:

Does this update resolve the issue of "stop down focusing"

when "Display Effects" is set to "OFF" ?

I've just tried with my A7iii in AF-S mode. It first focuses open, then stops down to desired F number in Aperture Priority mode.

Thank you for the info.

Can you tell me if the same happens in Manual mode where the aperture is fixed at your setting?

Manual is what I would normally use with studio strobes.

Also in Manual can you tell me if in AF-C does it initially focus wide open and then stop down for taking the first shot and then remain stopped down for focus in between successive shots?

I am wondering about this when the model is in motion between poses and the subject to camera distance changes accordingly.

Thank you.

You're welcome. In Manual mode, with AF-C it starts open until first focus lock, then stops down. It continues to track stopped down until to release shutter. It opens back when you release the shutter.

All tests are done with 55/1.8ZA

Hope that helps,


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