DxO PhotoLab vs Lightroom vs CaptureOne

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Re: DxO PhotoLab vs Lightroo vs CaptureOne

tokumeino wrote:

Digital Nigel wrote:


Volume deformation is a consequence of the wide angle. It's not a lens fault, and is different to lens distortion. Consequently, no lens is free of volume deformation.

Thus, the Laowa wide angle lenses have exactly the same wide angle volume deformation as other lenses.

The volume deformation is very apparent in these Ken Rockwell sample images:

He could have easily fixed it if he had been using DxO Viewpoint.

I fully agree about the principle, and I also agree that Viewpoint is super nice. Since geometry is immediately visible, I also think that it is much more important than Prime or such. I just cannot understand how people can be so picky about microscopic and invisible details, and not care about obvious things even visible at 320x200 !!

That is why I'm so torn between the 2. Sure Prime is good but I was doing some other tests last night. Almost a minute and thirty seconds to export a DXO file and about 7 seconds  for LR. If need to add a little more sharpening the LR export I can open it in PS and apply PK sharpener. DXO has been helpful as I was able to set up DeHaze to match ClearView.

When I post on other forums that are more for image posting I know I'll never get this response. "Good thing you used DXO instead of LR". People don't know the difference unless you tell them. There is more to photography than NR. Things like composition, etc, etc. Bansky sold a pile of krap for 1.4 million the other day.

I wouldn't have and issue getting rid of LR but I have a website via Portfolio. No DAM with DXO which I could live with but at least a stack showing me what edits I did.

When it comes to gemoetry control, I would say that DXO-VP > C1P >> LR, with the opensource solution Darktable roughly like C1P. Whe you own a mirrorles or a compact camera with integrated profiles, LR forbids you to disable the profile and take advantage of the whole sensor surface !!

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