E-M1.1 to X-H1 Considerations: Am I More or Less On The Right Track?

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E-M1.1 to X-H1 Considerations: Am I More or Less On The Right Track?

I have had my Olympus E-M1 Mk for five years. It is a great camera, but I have gotten very used to it. would like a brand new, different toy to learn about, and play with.  (I have no other expensive hobbies or vices, and at 72, feel it is important to keep my mind active and engaged, and continue to learn new things.)  And, better image quality and greater dynamic range than what my 2013 16 MP E-M1 provides would be nice as well.

I'm seriously considering the X-H1. I realize it won't be massively better than what I have now, but from what I've read, the X-H1's IQ and DR are at least somewhat better than current Micro Four Thirds offerings. The Fuji lenses have a great reputation, and aren't as large or expensive as FF lenses. I think I could get at least a small bump in the IQ of the pics I take, and have fun learning the Fuji system in the process. The Fuji dials and buttons will be quite different, but I see that as part of the fun of learning a new system.

(Detailed rationale follows)

I am not / never will be an artist with a camera. I just want to take decent photos of places we go, on our little weekend trips in the southern part of the US, or the infrequent vacation trip to CA or the east coast. Old houses and buildings, scenery, friends and family.

I do virtually all of my decent-light shooting with my Olympus 12-40 (24-80 FF equiv) f/2.8. For indoor lower light shots, I use my Panasonic 15mm (30mm FF equiv) f/1.7 prime. I have mft lenses right now that I use so seldom, I am considering selling them.

I much prefer a tilt out LCD vs the swivel kind that the Oly E-M1 Mk II and Panasonic G9 have.

IBIS is a must-have feature, since I have mildly shaky hands.

The Sony A7 III and new Nikon Z6 have IBIS, tilt screens, and great IQ, but they are more expensive, and FF lenses are costly, heavy, and large (in some cases, very much so).

Therefore, I am considering the Fuji X-H1. Its size and weight or about the same as the Panasonic G9, which would be my upgrade if I stayed with micro four thirds. The X-H1's price has dropped to $1649, which isn't appreciably more than the G9, and a bit less than the E-M1 Mk II is going for.

It has IBIS (not as good as the 6.5 stops the micro four thirds flagships offer, but I think it will be good enough). I figure I could be pretty happy starting with the 18-55 f/2.8 - 4 zoom, and maybe the 23mm f/1.4 prime. If I need another lens or two down the road, I'd buy them.

I have read about older Fuji sensors having waxy skin tones or green "worms" in foliage / landscapes shots, but I'm given to understand those are not a concern with the X-H1. I'm assuming that processing the Fuji files would not be unduly difficult for me, given that I am comfortable using computers and software apps (I spent 40 years in the software industry before retiring).

I could start with the free copy of Capture One Express, and upgrade to the Pro version later if I found the Express version really hampered me. (I am currently a DxO PhotoLab user; I don't do anything fancy with it, but for my needs it is fine.) And, I could play around with the different film modes Fuji offers, and maybe not even need to process the Fuji raw files (or at least, not every single one of them like I currently do). From what I have read, the Fuji JPG's are pretty darn nice.

I have read that the X-H1 has a very sensitive shutter, but the E-M1's shutter has a pretty light touch too. I assume I could accustom myself to the one on the X-H1 as well.

Anyway, if you haven't gone glassy eyed by now, am I missing anything really obvious in the above analysis? Is there something I'm overlooking; are my expectations of somewhat better IQ and DR unrealistic?

Thanks very much to anyone who cares to offer their opinion and insight. I appreciate it.

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