Help re DX or FX for a pretty messy, hurried, demanding job

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Help re DX or FX for a pretty messy, hurried, demanding job

If you had been camera less for several years and needed a body to shoot with for a few weeks, wanted to keep it, needed to shoot video with it too, and you were going to shoot for print, web, broadcast, and large prints, inside and outside, landscapes, people, action (golf action specifically), and had a 24-70 2.8, 50 1.2 and 1.4G, and needed reach, wide, and the ability to crop in post and still render 400 dpi 11x17 double trucks for high-line-screen sheetfed, would you opt for a late model DX (7xxx series), a 750-810, would you consider migrating to another brand, etc?

I need to get on a plane in two weeks and be shooting within an hour after I check into my hotel. It'll be shooting resort marketing materials: sunsets, landscapes, division one college golf action, food, models, hotels, restaurants, etc. All for print, web, etc.

I've done it for a long time but have been out of camera gear since I moved back east and my dad was very sick three years ago. Then, knew I would not be shooting here (NYC area) since there are way better shooters out here than me! So, I figured I'd unload the bulk of my stuff while it still had value.

Now I'm stuck, as the old stock I shot is stale, and there are demands on me to go back and do it all new. Weeks... probably a good 20K clicks coming. I looked into renting a D850, but even a D3000 series was like $30 a day! Heck, I may as well just buy myself a body.

I can easily do the job with just about any DX body, e.g, a 7000 or 7100, which one can grab cheaply. But, will I pay dearly for cheaping out if I don't get just what I want in the can bc I'm not used to shooting my FX glass with a DX body, or the menus get wonky, or both? As I can't afford to buy a laptop just for this trip, and seeing what I get (WYSIWYG) is vital, I wonder about a cheaper bodies and how well the screens on their backs will do, if they are big, bright, easy to navigate, etc. There are always trade-offs.

The DX is fine for outdoor lighting scenarios but a 20MB sensor might yield little room for post crops if I need to fix my composition later (often, racing ahead of antsy golfers means sacrificing the patient, calm, relaxed shooting style of the better landscape shooter... which I am not).

I am concerned if I need to start shooting plates of food whizzing by the table at night without any real lighting, or intimate dining scenes, or anything else! Can I get by with a cheaper body given the above? (I post this here as I assume more pros are here than in the DX section.)

If I cheap out, only to learn I should have spent the extra coin on that much more incrementally better gear, I'll kill myself, but wasting money when it is so tight has me rereading and second-guesing myself. I guess I'm asking the age-old question we have all done at least once: what should I do? What would you do?

I see the remarks about the low light of the D750 being as good, if not better, than the D850. The autofocus is better on the D850, its files are huge (which means I can crop more), and other things like speed are better. I don't know what I am missing with new gear and am uncertain the D850 is worth it for me.

If I go FX, I worry I'd need to pick up a 70-200 again to have more reach, and honestly even the 200 isn't much when you shoot golf. (400 mo bettah!)

I hear there is a D500, but it may be a bit too much money for a DX rather than getting the 750 and maybe look for an old manual focus 300 2.8 on eBay.... Is that 750 too dated? I had one and was not as in love with it as many here....

I know the Sonys and Fujis and Olympus and Pannys are really making headway, and is the Z system still needing to be in the wild a little longer? The mirrorless isn't going to move my world much and the $375 adapt eris just one more interface w/ potential for failure I don't need. (I'm not even sure the Zs are even buyable now, are they?)

I lurk here often but have not been the student I should have been, so am sorry for the redundant questions, as I know a million other threads cover everything here over and again.

If you could not afford a laptop, money was very tight, but you could use the body for a lot of things in the future, as well as this job, and wanted to do your best to future-roof, what body would you pull the trigger on, right now?

Nikon D3000 Nikon D500 Nikon D750 Nikon D850
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