DxO PhotoLab vs Lightroom vs CaptureOne

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Re: DxO PhotoLab vs Lightroom vs CaptureOne

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Editing on the road. I travel with a laptop and when I get home I merge the travel catalogue to the master one on the iMac. DXO has no catalogue so I would just move my files from potable ED to the powered one where all my files are stored. When I open DXO on the iMac will my edits be retained?

Yes, all the edits are stored in the DOP sidecar files (one for each RAW file you've edited). If you copy those along with the original RAW files to the iMac folder, PhotoLab will see and use them.

Thanks for the info. If I use it when I travel I'll turn them back on.

I must admit that I wasn't aware it was even possible to turn them off. Without them, where would DxO store the edit instructions?

It is for exporting and importing. I just edited an image, shut down and restarted DXO and the edits were retained. I looked through the Mac libraries and I cannot see where it is being saved.

Not beside my RAW files.

DxO also has a local database. Probably it is saving there, but I am almost sure that the sidecar files take precedence (like it also does on LR).

Local DB can be found at the bottom of the edit/preferences panel. On PCs it's in C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 1\Database

I tried a little test.

  1. Modified a .jpg file in PL. Saw that it created the sidecar.
  2. Exited PL.
  3. Deleted the sidecar file.
  4. Opened PL, opened the file I edited and the edits were still there.

So, they seem to be using both side-car and global database.

Then tested to see if the side-car takes precedence.

  1. Opened the file. Made a change to it. exited PL
  2. Renamed sidecar file (changed extension).
  3. Started PL, opened same file, Noted change I made in 1) was still there.
  4. Made another change to the file. Exited PL
  5. Deleted sidecar file from 4) and renamed side-car from 2) back to correct name.
  6. Started PL and opened the file. Changes from 4) were still there. Sidecar does not take precedence. Not liking this at all. what's the point of the sidecar then? (yes, I know, export)

Additionally, changing the sidecar settings via text editor doesn't get seen either. But if I do file/sidecars/import then PL picks up the changes. Behavior is the same for raw files as well.

In edit/preferences, I have checked "load sidecar automatically". Not sure what's going on here. Maybe I don't understand PL as well as I thought or there's a bug in sidecar handling.

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