Trip to Italy with M5 and 11-22mm - Thoughts as a newcomer

Started Oct 10, 2018 | Photos thread
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Trip to Italy with M5 and 11-22mm - Thoughts as a newcomer


A while back i created a thread on this forum, considering the canon m50 as my next camera to upgrade from my Lumix G7. I needed something more capable, with more resolution and i have been exploring my options with Fuji and Sony as well.

I considered the Sony a6000/6300 and the Fuji Xt20. All very capable cameras, perhaps more so than the M5. However its lens lineup were not as accessible, sony due to a lack of general purpose lenses that don't cost a fortune, and while fuji has a solid selection price is also an obstacle.

So i found this deal for a Canon M5 with an adapter and the 11-22mm...for 500 euros. A bargain, the camera was impeccable. So i went for it, and this weekend i had the chance to test the combo on a trip to the Amalfi coast. Im still playing around with some raw files to see how it behaves in terms of dynamic range or high ISO, for now ill be posting SOOC jpegs

Disclaimer: Apparently when i upload pictures on Dpreview they seem a lot brighter than on my computer screen when i open the picture from the flash drive.

Finally the most challenging photo i took, the last one of that day. The sun was setting behind the mountain which created a situation where either the sky would be blown out, or the village would be in darkness, i tried all metering modes to try to overcome it but i didnt succeed. I took multiple exposures so i will try to replace the sky in PP.

Ok so how did i find the camera coming from the G7? well i thought it was great, with a few reservations:


Sharp images SOOC

Great build quality

Great controls

Great continuous AF

Great ISO performance (from my limited experience)


Interface and menus is not as intuitive as Panasonics - took me ages to find a "pick multiple to erase" option and i still haven't managed to customize 2 function buttons. It groups functions together instead of allowing me to pick exactly what i want.

Camera could be faster in operation, it stutters while sliding through pictures and the write down time is also very slow (up to 5 seconds!) I use a 32gb fast card, with up to 90mb/s which i bought for my G7. Considering the file sizes are the samei dont understand the slow down.

Slow point to point AF, at least with the 11-22mm. Coming from the near instantaneous G7 i feel the AF should be a bit snappier, specially in low light. But that might come down to the lens.

The level on screen is very difficult to read, very small

No diopter adjustment

What about the 11-22mm lens?

Sharpness wise it looks great, its very dark however. Very, very dark, even at f4. I found the focal length to be great for most things, including portraits at 22mm. These lenses look like plastic in the pictures, but they are hefty and feel premium... very pleased.


So... the video looked great on the LCD of the camera, however playing it on my imac screen revealed some pretty low image quality at 1080p. Here is a clip i took, please let me know if this quality is "normal" for this camera or lens:

Im still going to continue to think about my options, whether i stay within the Eos M ecosystem or if i sell the camera. This weekend i will sit down and play with the raw files to see how flexible they are for my needs. But overall im pleased with the camera.

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