24 Hours with EOS R

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24 Hours with EOS R

Got it yesterday with RF 24-105. The basic adapter is free in New Zealand.

My initial impressions.

(I don't do video, sorry).

Look: I love the look of it, looks smart and cute. Never thought I would say that. Its a camera after all.

Feel: Feels solid except for the top 3 dials which feel plasticky. Even my 800D dial feels similar to my 5Ds and 7Ds; I guess I equate that to being solid. I think as the dials are smaller than DSLRs Canon needed to make them sharper and hence the different (plasticky) feel. 24-105 feels good with it. Smaller lenses feel better. I have tried heavier lenses, such as 100-400 II and it feels fine and secure.

Ergonomics: Grip is excellent for my hand, smaller than my FF DSLRs but similar to 800D. My fingers don't rub against the lens. 99% of the time I shoot manual, so most common functions I use are shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Similar to my other DSLRs the front dial changes the shutter speed by default. The back dial on the right changes aperture, this needed a bit of time to get used to. And the Mf-n button changed ISO. I have set the back focus button to toggle between non-servo AF and servo AF. This button is more to the right than I would have liked, but I understand Canon's design. By putting it to the right Canon has left enough space for my thumb to rest naturally when shooting. When carrying the camera though occasionally I pressed the button unintentionally and changed AF mode. This was not a big issue though, as soon as you look through the VF it tells you whether you are in servo mode or non-servo AF mode. There is another clever implementation. Focus square(s) is red. When AF is confirmed it is green in normal AF mode and blue in servo AF, so you know which AF mode the camera is in. Overall, ergonomic is great for the size. Canon surely puts lots of thoughts into it.

EVF: Among the bests, I have seen. But it is not OVF. I love OVF. It gives you an immersive, connected and organic feel. EOS R EVF still feels like a small TV and feels like something artificial. In lower light though, it feels great, much better than OVF. And exposure simulation is awesome.

Multifunction bar: Well, this one needs special mention as many are complaining about it. I don't have any real need for it. There is enough space between back focus button and this bar where my thumb rests naturally. So, I never accidentally pressed it to change settings. I set it to change between single focus point and expanded focus points for servo (swipe). It takes two or three swipes to do the thing, still faster than going into the menu to change it.

Q button: There is no dedicated Q button, but 'set button' is Q button by default, so I didn't miss it. You can assign another button as Q button if you want.

Toggle wheel: There is no toggle wheel. I used to use it for changing the position of the focus points. But it is much more easily done with touch and drag function when looking through EVF or just by touching when shooting using back LCD. Focus points can also be changed using back wheel.

Delete function: I haven't seen this in Canon cameras before. When you press the delete button it will give you 3 options; erase JPEG, erase RAW, erase RAW plus JPEG. Pretty cool.

AF: This needs special mention. AF acquisition with 24-105 is the fastest I have ever experienced. Even in the dark where I can't see the subject with the naked eye camera acquires focus instantly (with focus assist light on). It is so brief that you will hardly notice the focus assist light. Feels surreal. Really. Focus with 85/1.4 and 100-400 isn't as fast, but it is as fast as they are with 5DsR. So, there is no compromise with the adapter. The focus is also super fast with two ES-S lenses I have, 10-18mm and 18-135mm.

Servo AF: There is a lag between shots. That makes it difficult to track certain subjects such as BIF ( I need to test it more). When there is predictable movement, such as when the subject is moving towards or away from you, the camera performs excellently although you may not follow the subject as you do with OVF. But when the subject moves sideways and the subject is small you won't be able to follow the subject properly. I tracked cars coming towards and away from me and there was no problem. But small birds moving sideways was a problem. I need to test it more. One thing though, when the focus is acquired camera sticks with the subject better than 5D IV.

Some pictures: All shot RAW, converted to TIFF in DPP with all adjustments turned off. Then opened in ACR, size reduced slightly, sharpened. No color adjustments made.

I haven't used EF 24-105, so I don't know how the RF version compares. At 105mm background blur seems lovely. It is sharp enough wide open.

Focus on th e bee

Focus on the bee

Focus on the bee

High ISO (NR done)

EF-S lenses

Shadow lifting:

5 stops of shadow lifting

Can't see any banding, but there is noise which has been reduced.

Slightly more realistic editing, color enhanced

This was a brief initial impression. I like it so far despite the limitations of servo AF ( I knew it).

Ask me if you have any questions.


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