DxO PhotoLab vs Lightroom vs CaptureOne

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phil from seattle
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Re: DxO PhotoLab vs Lightroom vs CaptureOne

Zeee wrote:

phil from seattle wrote:

Zeee wrote:

I have been playing around with DXO PL. Very good and my back up to LR if I ever drop the plan. I have to say it is pretty lame in one area. Even a temporary adjustment history would be nice so you can see what you did and go back more than one step. I have had that since 2005 starting out with PS. I just use it for Prime. A tough adjustment. It needs this as much as Adobe could use a AI NR tool.

There's always undo which works for the entire session.

Looks like undo says undoing the last thing you did.

It's a stack of all your operations - 2 undos undoes the last two things you did, for example.

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