Do you only use Ricoh cameras?

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Re: Do you only use Ricoh cameras?

Landberg wrote:

I’m curious, are there people here that only use Ricoh cameras? I have been shooting film Leicas and film Ricoh GR for many many years. When i went digital i bought the GR aps-c and a Leica M9. I liked the GR way more so i sold the M9. I also tried some fuji cameras but i always came back to the GR/GRII. Nowadays I only shoot Ricoh GR. I shoot personal and work with my GRII.

How do you use your Ricoh cameras?

I rarely use mine because of the lack of a viewfinder. Instead I mostly use a Fuji XE-2 with 23mm f2 lens. The focusing, size, sharpness, stealth and weight make the GR invaluable to me e.g. I can use it at a wedding. But I crop far less with the Fuji.

Having a camera I put to my face to frame the shot feels much better for street photography, perhaps especially as I still have a lot to learn. I previously had a Panasonic GM5 which had terrible JPG colors and still have their G7 (mainly for video), which is a vast improvement over the GM and has a handy articulating screen.

I feel a bit "sneaky" with the G7 though as the amazing screen makes it so tempting to shoot from the hip. The GR is stealthy and people generally dont notice, so it feels better to use on the street. But currently I use the Fuji with its rangefinder style body and people seem to like it, especially with a tiny old lens on. It can make my day when people are happy I took their photo, which is rare with the GR.

I am curious to hold the new smaller GR as pocketable devices are things I love. If the color has improved a little it should be a future buy. The GR 1 color is fine but the simulations could be tweaked imho (I only do JPG). Not having a left viewfinder is the deal breaker. It means I just use the GR less than 5% of the time.  But I love the GR and would be very happy if it was my only camera. If only they had squeezed in a pop up viewfinder.

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