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Re: We're all doomed

SushiEater wrote:

avalvo wrote:

That D5 is a relic. That floppy mirror will get you nowhere son. You need a slick MLC to cut the fancy of those runway girls and hipsters alike.

Now, I'll do you a favor and take that floppy mirror DSLR off your hands. Just send it my way and I'll do what I can to see she makes it in to her later years with a little TLC. She is no match for that sony compucamera with its fancy EVF and slick eye focus. That D5 is from another era. She is a throw back to the days of real photographers and real talent behind those cameras. Today its all fancy fps, EVF, zero black out, etc. That's where it's at. So you just lay that D5 my way. Let's this old bones photo man pair with that relic and maybe we can turn out a few good ones. Maybe we both have a few left in us.

Post your address here. Maybe I will send you something.

Were in my favorite photo shop yesterday and to my surprise exposed film cartridges were being handled by the shop assistants - most of them were being removed from disposable film cameras. I was told there is a big market for film. And here we talking about the demise of DSLR.

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