"Less Megapixels = Better Color"...

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"Less Megapixels = Better Color"...

...Do you agree with that?

I went to one of my local camera stores and there is a gentleman that has been working there for many years and he seems to know his stuff.  He is in his late 60's early 70's I would say.

The guy was talking to a customer and I was kind of paying attention to the type of conversation they were having.  The customer asked "Should I get a camera with a lot of megapixels and what's the difference?"

To make it really short, then the sales person asked the customer "do you want a lot of resolution or better image quality?  The higher the megapixels the more resolution you will get with lots of detail.  The less resolution the better the Image quality will be with better richer color".

I thought it was really funny how this person said that to the customer straight out and after that he started the conversation about how today the camera industry is marketing their cameras with more resolution then ever before and how they make this sound like it is the best thing ever.  The sales person DIDN'T SAY to the customer no don't buy a camera with a lot of megapixels, he just said the above and let the customer decide.

Having said that, I personally, have seen this kind of drastic change during the last couple of years.  My very first digital camera was the Nikon D200, then I tried a D60, then I jumped to the D7000 (worst camera I have ever had), then jumped to a Fuji S5 Pro then got a X10, then got a XE1, then a Sony A77II APS-C, then the XT1, then the Nikon D500 and returned it, then the D4, then the Pentax K1 and now the Fuji X-H1.  Please note that I sold some of these bodies at the same and some at a higher price than what I paid for to fund the next camera so I haven't lost anything or much.

Based on what that dude at the store said, I was kind of laughing inside when I heard him say that because I tend to agree with that statement and in my personal case based on my personal color palette/taste I have enjoyed the cameras with lower resolution much more than more modern ones.  The only camera that I have liked so far with a higher amount of resolution has been the pentax K1 but for some strange reasons my favorite ones have been the S5 Pro and the X10.  Yeah, the resolution were not the best at all, but the colors out of those suckers are just so darn nice. Maybe that was a result of having less but BIGGER pixels?

I know I will get blasted here for saying this, but I'm not 100% happy with the newer Fuji cameras.  Not in all situations but a lot of the times the images look too darn cartoonish looking and the type of detail is not as pleasant as older cameras.  Things are just becoming too darn sharp with too much detail IMHO.

Don't get me wrong guys, some of the images I have got with the 24MP Fuji have blown me away and I really like that and I'm not saying the cameras we have now are bad, but sometimes some images look just plain unpleasant with a fake cartoonish feel to them.  I have tried setting my camera to jpeg and select the lower 12MP option but is not the same thing hahahaha! 

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