Wrist strap for Z7 + FTZ?

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Re: Wrist strap for Z7 + FTZ?

fad wrote:

bhollis wrote:

fad wrote:

A Nikon AH-4 wrist strap works well with the Z7. But with the FTZ it interferes with turning the adapter when adding it or removing it from the camera body.

Has anyone found a workaround or alternative?

Thanks, Frank

How bout this one from Peak Design?


Looks like it might do the job. Thanks. Have you tried it?

I am using a Peak Design Clutch now on my Z7 and it works fine. I have a previous generation plate and it fits even with the FTZ. Not sure about the latest Peak Design plate.

I shoot often with the 70-200 f/2.8, and personally, I prefer the SpiderPro hand strap, which I use on all of my DSLRs. I haven't tested it on the Z7 yet since the plate I usually use with the SpiderPro doesn't fit the Z7 with the FTZ attached. I plan to test it once I find a plate that works.

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