Got X-T100 as a sensor upgrade to my aging X-T1... Sticking with X-T1 :(

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Got X-T100 as a sensor upgrade to my aging X-T1... Sticking with X-T1 :(

In most respects, X-T100 is a really nice little camera.  I even find the smaller magnification EVF on it to be quite good after X-T1, where I disliked one in X-T10 (something about the latter was more tunnel-like).  X-T100's Bayer sensor clearly has greater resolution when I process from RAW, however with JPEG, it has more aggressive noise reduction than X-T1 at the lowest NR setting for both.

I thought I was going to "upgrade" from my X-T1 and swap entirely to X-T100.  Now I've spent about a week shooting both with the same lenses, and I'm really torn, but thinking I'm actually going to sell the X-T100 and just keep the 15-45mm pancake lens (awesome little lens, especially when doing extra processing from RAW).

So the main reason being the colors...  The famous Fuji colors...

Many of us know that the colors change from one camera body to the next for Fuji, but in general there were significant enough overall changes to clump them into a few categories.  The first category was X100/X-E1/X-Pro1 (not sure about X-M1 and X-A1), which had lower contrast, lighter black level, and more natural colors.  The second category is the high contrast and vibrant color look of X-Trans II cameras, like X-T1 and X100s/X100T.  They lowered the black level a lot, and Provia on X-Tans II almost looked like Velvia on X-Trans I.

Now the last category: X-Trans III.  I already briefly used and was disappointed with the colors from X100F, both RAW and JPEG, though for obvious reasons RAW is not so much an issue due to flexibility in processing.  This X-T100...  The colors are just so bland.  That "Fuji color magic" to me is seriously lacking.  no matter what setting I use for Classic Chrome, it looks lifeless and dull.  There seems to be an overall reduced color palette, and I don't like the skin tones from X-Trans III cameras vs. the earlier generations.

I'm all for the maximum resolving power and most realistic appearance, but sometimes I just want that magic fun look from my images without much work, which X-T1 gives me easily.  On the contrary, I know that I must process everything from RAW with X-T100.  The only exception would be ACROS, if it were available in this camera.

Perhaps X-T3 will be the camera for me, we'll see...

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