Canon 6D Mkii owners, help please

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I really like the 6D II for the price.

Makingtrax wrote:

... I like the look of the 6D II with the flip out screen for video.

I did not know how much I would like this until I got the 80D. Once I realized how useful it was, I couldn't do without one. It was the second reason I chose the 6D II over the 5D IV (the first was price).

Read some poor reviews though about it . .

At $2000 the 6D was a loser. At $1200-1400 it's a winner. Under $1200 it the undisputed champion. The poor reviews (and deservedly so) were due to that fact that the price put it in the same league as much better cameras. Lately (now that the price has adjusted) the reviews are glowing.

focus points only around the centre, no focus joy stick,

These are both irritating. You will have to focus and recompose using the view finder, no question about it. However, my guess us you have to do it with the 5DII simply because of the diamond shape of the AF pattern and the low number of AF points.

forced to use live view only to get decent focusing etc. As I shoot a lot of portraits this concerns me.

Never had a single problem getting perfect focus through the viewfinder.

I want a decent upgrade now we’re approaching 2020.

The 6D II offers modern functionality that you will love like the articulating, touch display, WiFi/smartphone connectivity and built in GPS.

In the real world though, how does this camera actually work with shallow dofs with respect to keeper rate? Or should I buy the Sony 7iii which is not much more price wise and supposedly has the ultimate focusing system. Much appreciated in advance.

I have no problem getting perfectly sharp photos with my 24-70 L or 70-200 L at f/2.8 and even my 50 L at f/1.2.

I like the 6DII for the price. I bought mine after Thanksgiving for $1050. You should easily be able to get it for $1200 or less this year. By far this is the best FF camera you can buy in that price range. It's the only FF camera with an articulating touch display.

As far as the a7iii goes, it's the best FF camera in that price range. You'll have to decide it it's worth the extra $800-1000. There is going to be a lot of movement in the mirrorless market place though. I really like having a great and inexpensive camera like the 6D2 while it all shakes out.

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