Recording sound? FZ2500

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Re: Recording sound? FZ2500


What codec was your camera set at? was it AVCHD? .MOV? also there is a setting that switches off the in-camera mic buried in the settings in movie-mode, gosh, i wish i could remember what forum i read this in, a guy like yourself had no playback sound on his fz2500, however, during the comments finally some bloke came in with the answer, it was he that pointed out the little known sound setting, hey-presto, that cured the guy`s problem, i will keep searching, i seem to remember it was something to do with an external-mic, my 64 years are catching up with me!!

It always seems so difficult to fix something so easily.....

Thanks, I had and still have it on MP4(LPCM). Really don't know why other than someone on a youtube video said that is where he liked his. Perhaps I should try a different setting there? Don't worry about the 64, it gets worse when your 68!

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