Do you only use Ricoh cameras?

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Re: Do you only use Ricoh cameras?

im a photography graduate from mid 2000s because of this ive been through a few cameras and still own many even if i dont use them anymore.

including a toyo 5x4 camera and a mamiya press with a 6x9 back. my gf has a mamiya 7 and a mamiya rb67 which she prefers but doesnt use anymore either.

regarding digital i started with a nikon d700 with a voigtlander 40mm that i used EXTENSIVELY to make some work in london for around 5 years and i hold onto it for nostalgia reasons.

when i returned from london i bought a gr iv and my obsession with ricoh gr started then. ive been through every generation. i have in the past tried other options when the ricoh has died or ive fancied a camera for fancied sake. this includes a fuji xe2 with an 18mm lens and recently a sony a7r iii with a 35 zeiss loxia.

always the same things happen though. i realise these cameras arent the ricoh and arent for me. i love that little ricoh. so i sell the other cameras.

im considering buying a sigma dp1 quattro which is also 18mm because i want to try the foveon sensor but i suspect ill sell it ad well cos it won't be the ricoh.

the only other camera i have and USE is a hasselblad swc because like the ricoh its a joy to use and has a special appeal. i sometimes put fp4 through it.


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