First impressions - R vs 5D4

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First impressions - R vs 5D4

I got a chance to test the Canon-R with 24-105 RF lens at Balloon festival in Albuquerque today. I own a 5D Mark IV and my review compares the Canon-R with my 5D Mark IV.

I am not going to comment on IBIS, dual card slot or video crop as it has been beaten to death.

Canon-R is a well constructed equipment.
I loved the weight and size of the new combo.The R camera felt good in my hands and my neck appreciated it.

AutoFocus - Now, focusing on balloons is not a hard task and I had no complaints with AF. The AF was fast but I somehow like 5D4 better. I noticed that the 5D4 had finer Focus points than R. R has an option to use smaller square, but that was still bigger than 5D4's focus points. The back AF button placement was slightly to right than 5D4 and I had trouble hitting it. But I guess it is a muscle memory thing and folks will get used to it. I found that the AF point would shift when I was reviewing a picture based on where I touched the screen. I had hoped that the screen would work as trackpad only when my eye is glued to EVF, but that was not the case, maybe there was a setting for it.

I did not use the new M-fn bar so can't comment on it.

The most important part - EVF. I found the optical viewfinder far superior to the EVF in good light. Don't get me wrong. The Canon EVF is good and responsive, but I miss the the realistic view that 5D4 optical viewfinder provides. The balloons looked more natural and vibrant through the optical viewfinder of 5D4. At low light, EVF is better as it is able to amplify low light signal. I use my camera as a hobbyist and spend considerable amount of time peering through the viewfinder waiting for that particular moment. I enjoy what I see through an optical viewfinder and cannot say the same about EVF. The EVF is better for a professional wedding photographers who would be more concerned with nailing the correct exposure as EVF does a good job there. This is more of a personal choice.

It does not have native GPS support - come on Canon.

The 24-105 RF lens was well built. I noticed that it had very less focus breathing compared to 24-105 EF II lens which is good. The new control ring was pre-configured for exposure and I liked using it. I had some trouble distinguishing between focus and zoom ring as it is not well demarcated as the 24-105 EF lens, but that is a minor issue.

Will I buy it ? I think for me it is a compromise between better weight&size of R vs better optical viewfinder of 5D4. At this price point, I will stay with my 5D4.

I have not yet downloaded and compared my pictures from 5D4 and Canon-R.

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