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Re: Variable Frame Rate on, perhaps?

myssvictoria wrote:

Fishrman wrote:

Thanks! Do you have any suggestions for all the various settings?

I am still learning but I'll share my settings. Maybe others will chime in with suggestions that we both can learn from.

In Sound Output, I don't know whether I want Realtime or Recsound?

This matters if you use a headphone to monitor audio as you record. Sometimes I do and have it set for Recsound because it makes sense to hear how the sound will be recorded. I don't know if there is a reason to be concerned about this setting if you don't use headphones while recording.

Should silent operation be on or off?

I have it off so I can hear audio on playback. I have beep turned off in the Set Up (one wrench) menu.

How about mic level adj.? Mine is set at 0

That's probably fine. I have mine set at -12. I adjust volume output to the camera on my external mic.

Mic level limiter is ON??

I have it on.

Zoom mic is ON.?

I have it on but it doesn't make a difference if using an external mic.

Any help is appreciated.

Another setting is the mic level display. I have it on so I can see that audio is getting into the camera and get a rough idea about the input volume and adjust my external mic as necessary. I would definitely have this on just to make sure there's audio and that it isn't going into the red.

Now, the LCD is rather cluttered with the histogram and audio level displays and that makes seeing what you're recording difficult (but you can move them around to another location on the LCD). After a minute of recording the clutter goes away. (I tap my remote shutter release to bring these up again as needed while recording). An option is to change the display to make these go away once you're satisfied with your settings and then start recording clutter free.

While researching how to get better wildlife audio, I learned that the audio used in wildlife documentaries is often not authentic to the video. Traffic, equipment sounds, people noise, etc, pollute audio and must be replaced. The substitution audio may be real or artificially produced in a recording studio, such as slapping leather gloves together to simulate wings flapping. I have started recording/collecting audio, mostly ambient, when conditions are good. The world is only going to get noisier.

In reading the above manual, would playing it back with PHOTOfunSTUDIO allow me to hear the anything that may have been recorded or can I just assume I have nothing that was recorded?

I'm not familiar with PHOTOfunSTUDIO. But I would assume that if you had VFR on then no audio was recorded. I know it's disappointing. But if your video is good, you might want to see if there's substitute audio available to save the day. The pros do it, why not us?

Thanks again,


Thanks for all your time and the tips! I was afraid I messed up my chances of hearing the Elk bugling and (sounds) like I did!

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