Lead and End Banding, Epson Stylus Pro 7890

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Lead and End Banding, Epson Stylus Pro 7890

Hello all!

Long time browser, first post!

I was basically given a 7890, previous owner explaining that the black channel was clogged, and that they couldn't fix it (as far as I could learn - he only tried the windex trick and several cleaning cycles). As I am primarily a wet-process printer, and knowing that Piezography is a thing, I realized that despite the clog, this was a good opportunity to start printing my own negatives.

I've done the following:

  • 2 normal cleanings
  • Head alignment
  • Power cleaning
  • SS Cleaning 

All of the above improved the nozzle check for the black pattern, all other colors are perfect.

I've also tried:

  • Platen gap adjustment
  • Feed Adjustment (at -0.70, -0.50 etc) this does remove the banding but image sharpness falls through the floor. 
  • Disabled High-speed. 

The following print seems to be as good as it gets while still having a decent quality print.

My question is: is the banding from the clogged nozzle, or from paper settings / feed issues?

At this point I know I can do piezography, but it would be AWESOME to be able to do full color prints as well. Essentially, I'm trying to figure out if Piezo Flush has a decent chance of doing anything for me, or if I should just jump into piezo inks and forget about it.

The confusing part for me, is that that the lead and end of the print looks absolutely fine - print looks sharp, no banding. This is what leads me to believe that the bands are not related to the clog, or at least that the clog isn't the biggest problem.

I'm a total newb at inkjet printing but I have been glued to google for the past couple weeks. Any help would be awesome.


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