Do you only use Ricoh cameras?

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Re: Do you only use Ricoh cameras?

Harold66 wrote:

Landberg wrote:

Harold66 wrote:

I think you are going to find that almost everyone on this forum use other brands too simply because Rico does not really produce any system camera or general use camera


Yeah, i thought it would be that way. But i’m still curious. I know there are som hardcore ricoh fan-boys out there that also only uses the GR.

I’m not a hardcore fan-boy, but i have not fint a digital camera that i like more.

Me neither . I suspect that if they had a GR with an FOv 40mm equivalent ( in 35mm terms) and a 2x converter along with a high res EVF i might do some short trips with just those 2 ricoh cameras


Hi Harold, here is a challenge for you: what would you do if Ricoh came up with a 40 mm that would only work with GRIII?

(I am happy with my adapted Fuji tcl X100- 50mm on x100 40mm on GR/GRII but it requires extensive surgery both on GR and Fuji lens -impractical for most, but that covers all that I need at the moment)

And to answer Landberg: I have a Panasonic GM 5 that I never use.

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