Advice Needed: EM1 II: How to track fasting moving subjects (and focusing)

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Re: Advice Needed: EM1 II: How to track fasting moving subjects (and focusing)

You've had good advice above (I shoot mainly BIF, but I have done planes at a few air shows, and I have been on an E-M1ii aircraft shooting workshop with an Olympus 'visionary').

The only important thing I'd add is a word of caution about use of the electronic shutter. It's fine for jets and 'classic' propellor aircraft, but you can get problems of rolling shutter with modern propellor aircraft where the prop rotation speed is fast enough to give bendy-looking blades.

The other time when you can get distortion is with fast passes of any aircraft against buildings or lines of trees, when again the panning speed is fast enough to get distortion since the sensor's not read fast enough. I have even had this occasionally when panning very fast moving birds against similar backgrounds.

The solution is to remember to switch to mechanical shutter for those types of use.

I generally keep it around 8 - 10fps 'L' or you get far too many images to weed through, and I suspect the camera will focus better at this slightly slower frame rate.

If you want to have nice, partially-blurry propellers on classic aircraft it's best to keep the shutter speed to 1/250 or 1/320th.

Oh yes. Practice, practice, practice

Hope that helps.

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