Elinchrom Indirect Litemotiv Mount Question

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Re: Elinchrom Indirect Litemotiv Mount Question

LongPVo wrote:

Ellis Vener wrote:

You simply need a softbox insert with a wide enough flange.

But I simply use a Bowen’s-S mount to Elinchrom converter. Works a treat with the extension flash head for the AD 600 and AD600 Pro.

Thank you for the tip. May I ask your experience with the Litemotiv? I read some reviews and many aren't that satisfied with the built quality, more importantly the grip lollipop.

Also I wonder how different is the light quality of the indirect rectangular/strip/square softboxes compared to the recent direct umbrella style collapsible softboxes where you can put a deflector plate in front of the bulb to avoid hotspot. I assume it's just more directional, anything else?

1. Simply use the adapter as already been mentioned.

2. The mount works, but I changed them an all of my Litemotives to a D200 grip head as i find it much easier to work with.

3.It's indirect vs direct, the litemotive is VERY even across the surface, a brollly box will not a be as even. Secondly, most umbrella cage designs are quite deep. The litemotive indirect series are very shallow, extremely shallow considering their size.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the new Litemotiv Indirect boxes are 33% more effective compared to it's predecessor, this is due to the Litemotiv fabric.

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