Z7 Bug? Flashing Screen & Blackouts While Reviewing Most Recently Shot Photo With Zoom

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Just Figured Out How To Trigger This Issue With Older Photos

Can't edit my previous post, but I am shooting RAW (max sized with compression) only, no JPG.

I just figured out that I can trigger the flashing and blackouts with all photos on the card by doing the following:

Shoot a photo.

Click the Playback button.

Zoom in on the photo and move around using the multi selector buttons. This triggers the issue on the most recently shot photo.

While still zoomed in on the most recent photo, use the Main Command Dial to scroll between photos at the selected zoom level. On the other photos, use the multi selector buttons to scroll around. On my Z7, all photos scrolled to while zoomed in on the most recent photo will also show flashing and blackouts while moving around them.

Not sure what is causing this. I tested multiple cards, formatted the cards, etc.

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