100 ISO FF vs 200 iso M43 question

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Re: 100 ISO FF vs 200 iso M43 question

That's a good point about noise, and I did like the "What's that Noise?" articles here at DPReview.  However, both before and after reading those articles, I already knew how to control noise with my digital cameras.  Almost every owner's manual I've had explained that higher ISO settings result in more noise (as did the DPR article).  Here's what my Nikon D50 manual had to say:

"Sensitivity" is the digital equivalent of film speed.  The higher the sensitivity, the less light needed to make an exposure, allowing higher shutter speeds or smaller apertures.  Just as higher speed films tend to be "grainy," pictures taken at high sensitivities are prone to mottling.

With slide film, I always used an ISO 100 speed film or slower (I did try one roll of Kodachrome 200, but it was grainier than I cared for).  With my digital cameras, I take test shots to see how high a sensitivity setting I can use and still be happy with the results.  I keep my small sensor compacts at ISO 100, as well as my Sigma 1.7X crop factor compact.  My DSLR still looks good at ISO 400.  When I stay within those tested limits, noise is not a problem.

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