Nikon D750 + Nikkor 35 1.8 ED

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Re: Nikon D750 + Nikkor 35 1.8 ED

rpps wrote:

Serjojeee wrote:

rpps wrote:

I have heard the Sigma 18-35 is a great sharp lens but I had trouble with two Sigma lenses when I had the D5600. I tried both the 17-70 f2.8 and the 17-55 f2.8 but they both were very blurry and out of focus on my D5600, I'm not sure if it's a compatabiltity issue with these new range of Nikon cameras or what was the problem. But I'm loathed if I will ever try another Sigma lense after my experience.

I'm contemplating on buying the cheap Nikon 10-20mm AFP Lens for the D3400, if it's as sharp as my Nikon 18-55mm AFP VR it could be a great lens focal range wise.

I agree with you about the lack of the AA Filter certainly improves the sharpness from these newer 24MP DX sensors. I wish the D750 didn't have the AA filter.

With the help of USB dock those newer lenses can be calibrated quite nicely but at F1.8 AF tolerances are high. In my tests it looks like i can get 80% of perfect focus shots. That's not that low but it's not high either.

Speaking of AA filters, I believe that it's better to get rid of those with higher than 50 MP bodies. Cause there is not only moire but also false colors and other imperfections associated with the lack of AA filter. Maybe it'll be good to give people the choice like with D800/e, but 24MP are mainstream cameras.

Like in this photo:

It's sharp but moire is everywhere on the clothes. And with some type of materials it's in all your shots here and there. The 50-100 is even sharper and therefore even more prone to moire and false colors.

Beautiful image Serjojeee, my eyes are naturally drawn to the face that it took me a while to see the moire on the coat and that was only that you mentioned it, I don't think I would be too disappointed in that photo.
I mainly shoot Landscapes so I doubt if I will see much moire.

Thanks! As Helmut Newton used to say - all photos are getting better if you add a beautiful woman there.)

For landscape photographers cameras without AA filter win hands down. Lots of tiny details an textures. But IMO life is easier for them cause you can use manual focus small lenses optimized for resolution mostly. Shooting people is more demanding for AF and ergonomics cause you always change parameters on the fly. For some shots you need DOF, for some - shutter speed. That AF basically is what I'd like to upgrade cause I have trust issues with Sigma paired to D7200. Spray and pray is not the best way of shooting IMO. Nikkor lenses paired to Nikon bodies might be integrated better. Cause I mostly here "consistent AF" from the users of that combo.

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