Nikon D750 + Nikkor 35 1.8 ED

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Re: Nikon D750 + Nikkor 35 1.8 ED

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Sorry but I did download the wrong photos, they were from my old 35D F2, I will today take some more photos using the 1.8G at apertures f1.8 - f5.6 for you.Here's a link to some photos taken with the 35 1.8G but none at lower apertures, also included the same scene taken with the 24 1.8G for comparison.

Looks sharp corner to corner and resolves good at distance closed down. Way better than 35 F2, like in another league IMO. Good lenses give that sense of presence, and that pier is a nice place to chill I believe. Thank you very much, enjoyed looking

Hi Serjoree, I just took some photos using the Nikon 35mm F1.8G using my Nikon D750 and D3400,from f1.8-f8. I also included one photo from my 24mm f1.8 G lens used on the D3400, which upset me as I know now it's front focusing badly which I can fix on the D750 with Focus Fine Tune but not on the D3400.
I hope this gives you some idea on the performance of the Lens, excuse the subject matter the photos taken just looking out of my window of the street.

Thank you so much! That's what doctor ordered - lots of tiny details and D3400 has the same pixel density as D7200 and lacks AA filter so that's basically my D7200 with that lens. It looks like 35 1.8G ED is a bit worse than Sigma 18-35 at 35mm with APS-C 24MP. But paired with D750 that lens is better than D7200 with 18-35 at 24mm for the same field of view. It looks like it's sharp enough by my standards at F1.8, aberrations are quite visible though but not as bad as I expected. I thought based on DXO tests that it'll be on par with my combo with equivalency in mind. But it actually gives better IQ. Numbers say not that much about IQ, you have to see it.

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