Upgraded from G15 to 70D and video quality is worse!

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Re: Upgraded from G15 to 70D and video quality is worse!

Nathan Barnard wrote:

Hi guys, I went from a 10D to G15 to 70D, mainly the 70D was for doing video in a recording room for recording video sermons. Anyway I have been shooting manual with focus dialed in and stopped down to f8 1000iso for depth of focus. Using 18-135 stm and 24mm 2.8, exposure f8 800iso 1/50 sec. regardless the final video seems quite soft and needs sharpening in post but even that isn't as clear as I was getting off the camera on small G15. I've verified microfocus on lenses and they are very close. Even small details seem to be missing, like high compression is killing detail etc. Just wondering if you have any suggestions. I am ready to go back to my g15, after getting familiar with manual settings of the 70d. I used to do weddings and always shot raw, but don't really want to do that for 1hr recordings.



You didn't mention what Picture Style setting you're using. That makes a HUGE difference. But if you're using, for instance, "Standard" or "Auto" mode on your 70D, don't expect great results.

Video settings for DSLRs is an entire subject on its own, and far beyond the scope of a single forum thread. I strongly suggest that you explore Youtube, where you can see real world examples of what other people are doing. (Check out, too, custom styles that are available.) The camera is plenty capable, but requires knowledgeable involvement.

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