Where are you selling your old camera gear - eBay doesn't work anymore.

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Re: Good Luck - you're needed ;-)

Funny this topic rings close to home for me as I sold a few things recently to recover some cost of getting a used E-M1 with 12k clicks on it

i usually try Craigslist first as I also like the face to face and clean process that it offers   That said it’s been awhile since I have sold stuff on there and I noted that with the recent transactions I made that it was tough to get much response so I posted my previous camera on eBay  it was my first ever sale so was definitely an experience

my thoughts  :

-Definitely restrict the locations you are willing to sell to as well as the quality of buyer. Eg one with lots of positive feedback. I am located in Canada so limited it to only Canada and US.  my first go at this ended up with I thought was an American buyer but ended up as one of those stupid Nigeria scams.  After making some adjustments I had a few good offers and bidders

- offer a few options around shipping.  This is pretty standard but makes a difference.

-take lots of good clean , bright pictures , so potential buyers can know exactly what they are getting.  Being able to zoom in on the physical aspects of the device being sold can make a huge difference!  My hit rate and viewings went up by 50% after I did that

-be strategic in approach.  I ended up parting my stuff a bit when posting as not everyone necessarily wants everything.  It makes it a bit more work but I find I get a bit more cost recovery, be it on whichever mode you choose to sell

-be patient .   It took me almost 3 weeks to sell a camera, a lense and a grip etc.  al of it went in this past week so likely the culmination of all the above work and/or just plain luck .  

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