Is it worth to buy windows mobiles in 2017 with the ONLY purpose to make MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT !!

Started Nov 20, 2017 | Discussions thread
Rlyeh New Member • Posts: 2

As another live example of 950xl and H20pro performance:

In this one, you may want focus on sound (as video was cropped, panned, processed and so on). From 0:00 to something around 9:30 you may hear 950xl. From 9:30, it's H20pro recording. For my taste, Lumia's sound is more balanced, and for H20pro is somewhat bit too middle and distorted, which sounds just crappy and cheap. Unfortunately I've already deleted sources, otherwise I would compare waves.

Movies (except the very first one shot in 4k and downscaled) all was shot in fHD.

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