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Re: and about time

Mike H wrote:

The change from NX-2 to NX-D was a change for the worst, from a great program to a stripped down only semi useful freebie was not a good idea. The only good thing about it was its "free". As in the cost was hidden in the camera price. I would have much rather paid as much as $100 for an upgraded NX-3.

In that sense, there is no free lunch.

As it is the only use until now for me was to use NX-D as a converter to TIFF so NEX (D500 Raws) can be processed in NX-2 then saved as older NEX (D300 era RAW)

Nikon Raw format has always been NEF.

A workable but annoying way to deal with corporate stupid or cheapness.

Well Im off to download the new NX-D version and see how useful it really is.

Personally, using NX-D exclusively to convert my NEF files to TIFF files is what I've been doing since Nikon offered a Raw converter plug-in for Photoshop that I used for my D70 and D200. For years I used my free copy of NX that I got with my D300 to do the same. Many like yourself liked and used NX for a lot of their post processing, but I was never one of them. To each their own.

That said, I'm going to take a look at it this morning and have a particular shot I want to process with it.

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