Resurrecting My Photography--Lenses and Software Advice

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Re: Software - I suggest starting with NXD

Leonard Shepherd wrote:


You seem to be starting from nothing.

Its free

For free software it is superb.

It opens RAW files with all in camera settings intact - "pay for" software does not. This can be a much quicker way of working.

When first opened images IMO seem a little sharper in NXD.

The latest NXD can do all I need with about 90% of my images.

I too returned to photography just over a year ago after longer break. Everything to do with digital photo editing was new to me. I’d bought a D500 so why not start with Nikon free software I thought, so Capture NXi and NXD it was. This SW was fine for me as a learning platform, but eventually integrated TIFF conversion to Lightroom Classic to be able to apply various filters and other local adjustments not possible in NXD. I was also “hooked” to the notion of being able to keep original Nikon profiles in my RAW conversions, but overall I was starting to find my workflow long winded and somewhat tiresome. Then I discovered Lightroom CC mobile and the iPad Pro and fact that I could sync via Adobe cloud to LR classic on the PC. I was now enabled to perform initial or even full editing work on the go by directly uploading from the D500 to iPad and if necessary finalizing on with LR classic on the PC. LR classic also enables high dynamic range and panoramic merging. That was it! After my trial period ended I abandoned NXD altogether and fully migrated to the Adobe Lightroom environment. Yes, costs $10 a month for classic subscription and $5 a month for CC mobile, but very much value for money in my view. With this migration I have lost ability to retain Nikon original profiles, but I don’t see this as a loss anymore. The Adobe profiles together with camera matching profiles in Lightroom are actually very good and I’m never disappointed once I find best profile. Moreover I can now even make my own camera/lens profiles with xRite color checker passport and the Adobe DNG profile plugin in Lightroom. My overall workflow is now significantly rationalized by eliminating Capture NXD from process, so no looking back. Yes, image display in NXD has sharper appearance than Lightroom in fit to screen mode, but this is not real, it is just different rendering methods. If you zoom into 100% view of image there is no difference in sharpness between NXD and Lightroom.

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