Where can the RX100 series go next?

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Re: fixed lens ultra fast 35mm compact is my dream

Samaistuin wrote:

Alihan wrote:

Samaistuin wrote:

1) Fixed-focal ultra brite lens. E.g. 35mm f/1,2

2) RX 18-50

That would be my dream camera.

Glad to hear there's several of us wishing for that !

I encourage you to send an email or letter to Sony in order to get your voice heard

i am using Samsung Mini and (45mm eq 1.8) Fixed lens.
Menus is sluggish, no physical mode dial etc.

But still i enjoying it. Thats a good concept.

So i wish from Sony or Pana pocketable fixed lens 1" serious cameras.
Even different focal lenghts. 35mm eq. 58mm eq 18mm eq. etc

Like Sigma Dp0, Dp1, Dp2 but not +$1000 ofc

Mail is a good idea. But we are sitll not profitable enough, kind a niche category still.
But maybe 3 - 4 year later marketebla enough.

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