DxO PhotoLab vs Lightroom vs CaptureOne

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Re: DxO PhotoLab vs Lightroom vs CaptureOne

I hate posting here but here is an LR and DXO comparison. I've done this many times. I said in the post while DXO edges out LR, LR stands its ground. It doesn't make any difference to my applications and if I switched I would sure miss the DAM and my free website not to mention many other things. Both have their place in my workflow. My wife once said to me when I was being an amateur carpenter and putting up T&G pine. The only time people notice your mistakes is when you point them out.

LR. Sharpening at 60 and I exported at Screen High. Colour is Canon Standard which imports automatically along with Clarity 12 and Dehaze 8. I applied Auto Tone.  NR and masking 29 which was applied logarithmically with a plug-in I use.  I could have punched it up a bit with more but I didn't bother. This was about a 20 second edit.

DXO all on the Auto settings. I find that if you push Lens Sharpness and USM even a little it starts to create halos and artifacts. Colour rendering Generic Camera. Smart Lighting, Clear View, Prime, Lens Sharpness, CA and USM.

This is DXO exported to LR and then exported only using LR. I'd use it more often but I can feel myself age doing this. Export to disk is not that much faster.

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