Cloud storage with Lr Classic and PS CC subscription?

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Re: Cloud storage with Lr Classic and PS CC subscription?

Jim B (MSP) wrote:

Ernie Misner wrote:


Thank you Jim, and I agree for what I am doing. I got Drop Box set up and working great now. People are finding the link I give them easy to use as well. Thanks again.

Oh, someone also told me that if you are a Google member you get 2gb of free storage too.

WIth Google, you currently get 15 GB of free storage. You get that by opening a gmail account. I use that a lot with a couple of the clubs I belong to.

You can share folders of files there as well. But you should not consider it as a proper backup for your photo files.

It is sure funny how many avenues to cloud storage are mentioned and no one says anything - at all. LR went subscription and cloud the storage was complete mayhem here last October and November.

We know LR CC is 100% cloud storage but I learned something the other day about Classic. When you sync to the cloud it does not send your files up, only your smart previews. So technically your don't use any cloud storage space. That would mean you could keep your flies on an external drive, sync them, disconnect a laptop from the drive and still edit on the road.

No different than doing this.

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