M1ii action shots missing focus...

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M1ii action shots missing focus...

I've only recently started using my M1ii with 40-150Pro for sports (alongside 7Dii with 100-400ii) and I am a little disappointed with C-AF focusing performance.  Maybe it's my technique, but I'm definitely getting fewer clear shots on M1ii than 7Dii.  Example...

All shot with IBIS off, 1/800 shutter speed, 5-focal points, back-button focus held down throughout the sequence.  Only two out of seven in focus.  My 7Dii might have missed one, but I doubt it.  Shutter speed is plenty high to avoid motion blur.

Are my expectations too high?  Or, am I doing something wrong?

#1 Not quite in focus... perhaps needs a couple of shots to get 'in sync'

#2 Worse focus

#3 Awful

#4 That's better!

#5 Nope... lost it again

#6 Probably the best of the lot

#7 Missed again...

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