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I'm using a recently acquired, used Nikon D7100 for concert photography. I shoot in burst mode, with NEF going to card #1 and JPEG going to card #2. I'm finding that I can usually only take three shots (four max) before the camera starts saving to the card, and then I'm locked out until the buffer is at least partly cleared. At least that's what I think is happening. I lose a lot of shots this way. My previous camera, a D7000, had no problem shooting five or six images and then letting me shot more pretty quickly.

I'm saving my NEF files to a SanDisk 32gb Ultra Plus SDHC card, 80mb/s, and I think it's a class 10, or whatever it's called. I'm saving the JPEGs to a 16gb card.The card configuration is the same as I used with the D7000.

This doesn't seem like normal behavior to me. Is there some setting that I need to adjust, should I use a different card, am I missing something, or is there a problem with the camera? Any chance the 16gb for JPEGs is a problem?

Any help/suggestions much appreciated.

..for better/best performance..




I got one, and it does seem to help. The buffer doesn't seem to be a whole lot deeper, but the recovery time is definitely improved.

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