DxO PhotoLab vs Lightroom vs CaptureOne

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Re: DxO PhotoLab vs Lightroom vs CaptureOne

I agree they do more testing and work developing the profiles, but the GX9 camera was announced in February and released sometime in March. It's now October 1. Some folks have been through multiple bodies in that length of time. And some bodies are nearly replaced by newer models in that length of time. Most of the lenses have already been profiled and they have modules for cameras with very similar or perhaps the same basic sensor. I've loyally been a DxO customer. I'd say not being able to use the software, for which I've paid, to develop images from my main camera for more than 6 months qualifies as being too damn slow. If you believe I'm being unfair for thinking that, fine. I don't really mind that it might take them a little longer to make modules available. But I feel completely justified in saying they've not been releasing updates in a timely fashion.

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