DxO PhotoLab vs Lightroom vs CaptureOne

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Re: DxO PhotoLab vs Lightroom vs CaptureOne

I agree. The DxO version looks over-sharpened and the other looks too soft. My experience with DxO has been that the default sharpening when using modules for the camera and lens generally provide a very good starting point. So I'm curious about the DxO settings as well. I've often reduced the intensity of the Prime noise reduction when working with relatively low iso files. I think the default raw development settings in LR are generally very neutral. I'd try to set up an import preset with sharpening settings more to your liking. I generally increase amount and detail sliders while keeping the radius tight. I've never used C1, so I can't compare to that. As a raw development tool I think DxO does the best job. But I find it pretty slow. It's just never really worked for me as a photo management tool and exporting with Prime noise reduction is very slow (I don't have a very up to date computer and am looking at an upgrade). DxO had financial problems and I've sensed they've been very slow to release upgrades for new camera models and lenses.

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