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Re: Looking for MFT advice

Wow, a plethora of replies so soon Thanks guys, I'll attempt to address the points you brought up. I forgot to mention that we mostly shoot JPEGs.

@Donald B & others: M5 Mk II costs about twice as much as M10 Mk II for the body alone. Apart from it being weather-sealed and offering HiRes (not very useful without a tripod?) I don't see any other advantages of moving up when money can be spent on lens instead. Sadly this is beyond my budget for the time being.

@Astrotripper: Panasonic G7 looks nice and would end up costing about 550€ for body + LUMIX G VARIO 12-60mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH. POWER O.I.S. lens, which is believe is among those you have recommended. Which camera (M10 Mk II or G7) is better in terms of viewfinder quality, IBIS, display, handling, real world usage battery life? 150€ difference for the lens sounds quite fair all else being equal and I presume image quality is pretty much identical.

@Yannis1976: Thank you for the tip, I will check those out. I guess AF can be nice thing to have sometimes but we used MF when doing any closeup/bokeh photos thus far.

@Danielvr: thanks for bringing this up! I never really gave this any thought - so I want even wider lens, if only marginally so, than the crop factor ratio (2 vs. 1.5 for the current camera) would suggest, correct?

Thanks again guys!

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