DxO PhotoLab vs Lightroom vs CaptureOne

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Re: DxO PhotoLab vs Lightroom vs CaptureOne

bsas wrote:

So, does anyone already tested all those and have some feedback to help me choose?

Have you tried using the clarity and structure sliders in C1 to match the DXO detail, or even the detail slider in noise reduction panel.

I'm not sure it matters a tremendous amount what you use, as the important differences are more related to how well  you are able to use any particular program.

For what its worth, I use:

LR for DAM and flexibility in output (also tends to handle purple fringing better than C1)

C1 for image processing and basic editing. DAM is a bit clunky compared to LR, but sessions are very useful.

DXO for prime noise reduction because the noise reduction is quick and easy to use once you set up your own defaults, but I prefer using PS and Noiseware or Neat Image when I have the time.  I have used Nik in the past, but prefer the layers approach of C1 and PS, so think DXO is still limited as an editor, but that is obviously down to personal preferences and needs.

Photoshop is my preferred editor, because  I like the control it gives me (it also runs faster on my Mac than C1, so I tend to jump to PS, even when I could do some of the same things in C1). What I use changes on an image to image basis.

Overall, I think its difficult to beat the LR/PS combo, and you only need to look at how many excellent photographs are produced with LR/PS to realise that even if the colours really are "better" in C1 that doesn't mean that LR/PS aren't also capable of excellent colours.

But I still spend most of my time in C1, I like the workflow and find it the quickest (out of LR and DXO) to get results that I like.



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