Olympus has no choice

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Sergey Borachev wrote:

Atomicunderware wrote:

Sergey Borachev wrote:

That would be suicide. Unless they are allowed (unlikely since there was no announcement) to join the L-mount group. Panasonic has video as a selling point and is bigger. Olympus should just stay behind and develop compact and affordable M43 cameras, and only have Fuji as the competitor while others concentrate on FF. Scrap the E-M1 line and survive in the $1700-and-under market.🌱

Scrap the EM1 line? I get that people want them to update their midrange cameras, and I sincerely hope they do soon. But to get rid of the top line would be to concede defeat in regards to m43 being a 'pro' level system (whatever that means). The EM1-II is a technical marvel, with features either copied or still yet to be implemented by other manufacturers. They need to continue to push the envelope, it's what they're good at. The market will be there if they continue to innovate. It's not an either/or proposition. They can (and should) have camera bodies from entry level to pro level, as they do now.

Olympus has shown us that they can't make pro cameras like the E-M1 II without charging a FF price, but there are now many FF cameras that can be bought for $2000. So, the topend Olympus camera is dead, as they can't charge that amount and still expect to sell enough to make a profit. Fuji has reduced the price of its brand new X-T3 from X-T2, as a result of the new $2000 FF cameras.

With so many new FF mirrorless being released, you can be sure that many makers will lose money. How many FF cameras can be sold in a year? There will be more pressure for models like the E-M1 when the FF discounting starts. There's no money to be made in these top M43 cameras.

What is a FF price? I don't understand the correlation - a good camera is a good camera. Olympus has done very well with the EM1-II, so I think pronouncing the line 'dead' is a little premature, although I understand pronouncing things (cameras, lenses, the entire m43 system) 'dead' is common practice in this forum.

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