OLD film SLR cameras-- just toss 'em out?

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Re: OLD film SLR cameras-- just toss 'em out?

Doug Haag wrote:

Timzee wrote:

Have several old Nikon, Pentax, etc. SLR film cameras that I'm tired of storing. Given I see similar cameras at flea markets for next to nothing, probably my best bet is to just dispose of them? Gladly given them away but can't imagine anyone would want them.

I kept one of mine. If you want to demonstrate aperture and shutter speed to a newbie, it is cool to open the back. With your eyes at the position of the recording media (film) you can see the aperture open really wide and close to a tiny pinhole by turning the aperture ring lock-to-lock on the old lens. And then you can trigger the shutter at various shutter speeds and provide a films-eye-view of the difference between a 250th and a 25th of a second. For people who learn best in a visual rather than reading context. this demonstrates these photographic elements in a visually dramatic manner,

Of course, you can then explain that even in the digital world, these two adjustments are the only things you can control that affect exposure, regardless of what they might have been told about iso.

Interesting idea and in fact I used to do just that in the "old days". Was a good way to demonstrate just where those funny "f" number things come from.

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