"Pros always use Manual exposure, A and S are for amateurs ..

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Re: P is for…

P is for Professional. Trying to earn a buck (or ruble or yen) in photography is hard enough, so why waste precious time with camera settings? P works.

A is for Amateur. Unlike professionals, they do have the time to fiddle with things n junk.

S is for Sports, obviously. And you thought that I'd say something clever about it.

M is a TRAP! It is specifically designed to foul up earnest beginners who have an inadequate idea of how photography works, giving them images that are either all black or all white. M mode best works this way when used on a photographer's first paid gig, usually a wedding, especially with a new camera. Photography websites strongly encourage M mode to bring in new members, and likewise, pros promote it as a ploy to encourage folks to hire truly experienced professionals for their next wedding.

My camera has those modes but my daughter's new Canon only has 2 of them.  It has some other modes of its own, somebody will have to tell us what the secret definitions are for them.

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