"Pros always use Manual exposure, A and S are for amateurs ..

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Re: "Pros always use Manual exposure, A and S are for amateurs ..

Joris1632 wrote:

......... who don't know better" - quotes from another forum; any comments? My personal view is that subject and conditions dictate the exposure mode .......

I would agree. I use everything from full-manual "sunny f/16" type exposures to full auto, depending on how much protection I need, how much speed I need in making the changes, and what I give up and what the risks are.

Most of my photography, framewise, uses manual Av and Tv values, with auto-ISO.

Something like auto-ISO can get a bad reputation as a concept, because of people's initial experience with it (especially in Av-priority mode), where the camera chose a fast shutter speed and therefore a high ISO when it wasn't needed due to a tripod or image stabilization, or that person had always compromised before on shutter speed for lower ISO and only expected to keep the best minority of many shots, but the auto-program didn't take that risk with shutter speed.

These things are not what auto-ISO are, though. They are just effects of certain auto-ISO programs in certain contexts. Automation, in its ultimate form, does exactly what a fully conscious and knowledgeable photographer would choose with no time constraints, but in milliseconds instead of playing with settings, allowing more attention to composition, especially action, where just keeping track of the subjects is a huge task itself.

Don't take authorities on the basis of their alleged authority; authorities are often wrong. I find that many people with pro status do not understand how things really work under the hood, at least in some elemental aspects. They are personality types that assume positions, and actually do get very skilled in the context within which they work by applying themselves over time, and get great results, but the reasons that they give you for their success may not be correct, and they may have done even better with a different outlook.

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