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Re: Philips 43 inch 4k

bs1946 wrote:

If they were not compatible, wouldn't there be some indication of some sort?

It would be nice if it worked that way, but I think the problem is that the standards in this area are still designed more for geeks than normal users.

Because for instance, a programmer might tell you that there is no compatibility problem to solve, because monitors are RGB, and they only show the RGB profiles in the list. That is technically true.

But a color scientist would tell you that it's useless to apply a ProPhoto RGB profile to any affordable monitor today, even though it shows up in the list. Or that it is utterly counterproductive to apply a 5K P3 iMac profile to a TV monitor even though the profile shows up in the list when the TV is connected. That is completely true too, in the everyday practical sense.

Think of it this way: You are in a store in a foreign country, and you need some spices. You walk up to a wall and you see identical rows of bottles on two shelves. You can't read the labels, but you recognize some spices on the top shelf, and you take those. You feel adventurous so you also take some bottles from the lower shelf because they look interesting, and the bottle shapes are the same. Back at your kitchen you cook with them both, and you die.

Because the substances on the top shelf were spices, and the substances on the bottom shelf were low dose medications. You could say that both should have been "compatible" because they come in the same shaped bottles on the same shelf, and you know some of them were OK, so the rest oughta be OK, right?

Well, the store should have done a better job of separating the ones you should eat, with the ones you should not. That is the problem with the color profile list. They should be separating the abstract color spaces from the true monitor profiles, but they don't, and this confuses many users, who sometimes mistakenly think they can apply a profile that is completely inappropriate. They put too much trust in the system to do the right thing for them.

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