"Pros always use Manual exposure, A and S are for amateurs ..

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Re: quoting Ken Rockwell perhaps :)

That's were I heard one of my favo4ite pbotography quotes! Thanks.

I think Ken writes somewhere on his site, words equivilent to:

A is Aperture Priority,

S is for Shutter Priority,

M is Manual: and,

the P stands for Professional Mode.

ASMP doesn't even cover varriable ISO. To ensure my Fuji Xs are 100% M, I don,t so much dial in M as I disengage auto-S, auto-A, AND auto-ISO. BTW the "M" on these cameras refers to manual focus mode.

At a certain point of aquired experience the camera is jist an extension of the photographers mind and hands. I break a string on my cello, amd swap instruments with Yoyo Ma, he still plays beautiful music, and I still cause cats and dogs to run screaming from the room.

Now that Yoyo has his cello back, we swap, my highest rated camera for his smart phone. I say I'll always create the better image—well so long as Yoyo doesnt know about 'P‘ mode.


tbcass wrote:

Doesn't Rockwell use auto mode?

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