"Pros always use Manual exposure, A and S are for amateurs ..

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Re: "Pros always use Manual exposure, A and S are for amateurs ..

Beachcomber Joe wrote:

Michael Fryd wrote:

One issue with including ISO as part of the "Exposure Triangle" is that the student has to juggle two different definitions of "exposure". When talking about the triangle, it means "image lightness." Just about everywhere else it means "light per unit area on the sensor".

Throughout the photographic community, exposure is universally understood to mean image brightness. It is only in the confines of forums populated with the technically absorbed that it means "light per unit area". You guys need to get out more.

It has ALWAYS been an exposure triangle. ISO is the digital replacement for film speed. The only difference now is that you are not locked into 36 exposures before you can change it.

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